How does the Sony repairing service centre works?

Sony repairing is the best service centre to get your phone or ipad repaired. We provide both a Mail in Service and UPS Service.


Do you offer warranty on repairs?

Yes we do offer 12 months warranty on all repairs including water damages.

After repair the data in phone gets erase?

No, absolutely not. Before we repair your mobile we recommend that you remove all memory and SIM cards before you give us for the repair.so that your data will be safe.


How many locations your service centre covers?

Sony repairing centre covers all over nation in UK but our main branch is at Manchester city.


How many days you take for repair? Do you offer any appointments?

Usually we take 3-4 working days to repair, for few major damages can be bit longer although we offer same day repairs on minor damages and can be fixed immediately.


Do you use brand parts for replacement?

Yes, we use brand and Grade A parts for replacement. We assure that our service is worth guaranteed and offers 12 months warranty for parts replacement.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

In our Sony repairing centre, we accept all credit and debit cards and we also accept PayPal.